Resources & Information

Below we have listed some helpful information to help you get the most accurate results with your test, as well as tidbits of knowledge.

Which THC test is right for you?

Use our helpful chart to choose the best utest for your needs.

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Drug Cross Reactivity

Certain medications can trigger false-positive results. Check out our Cross Reactivity chart for more information.

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Drug testing cut off levels and detection times.

See our table with the SAMSHA recommended screening cut off level guidelines along with information regarding how long drugs can stay in the system.

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Factors affecting how quickly drugs metabolize in your system.

There are many factors that may affect the amount of time it takes for the metabolite of a drug to leave the system. View a list of the most common ones.

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Why take a drug test?

Whether a drug test is mandatory or a personal choice, read on for our reasons to take an at-home drug test.

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The √úTest difference.

Not all drug tests are created equal, see why we are the brand people go to for results they can trust.

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